Closeup of white Sky+ box

If you have a white Sky+ box, you may be having problems watching TV shows you've recorded. It's caused by a technical error that only affects certain boxes, and we're working hard to fix it as fast as we can. Check whether your box is affected and stay up to date with our dedicated page. 



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Watch On Sky is just one of the ways we bring you the shows you love at the touch of a button. No hassle, no missing out, just brilliant TV wherever and whenever you want.

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Child safety online matters. So we've joined forces with the other major broadband providers to help you make confident, informed choices about your kids’ time on the internet. 

Sky Service app

We’ve launched our new Sky Service app on compatible Android and Apple devices. It's your digital front door to our services wherever you are, whenever you want. 

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ITV Encore is here, packed with great British drama, whether it’s shows you just can’t get enough of or those you always wanted to watch.