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Mail on the move

You can still enjoy your email on the move and stay in touch with instant messaging.

Unlimited storage

Keep hold of your memories. You can store as many messages, photos and videos as you like.

Easy emailing

With tabs, folders and search, the simple layout makes emailing a breeze.

Background information

  • Why has the service switched to Yahoo!? Show

    Sky has teamed up with Yahoo! to offer Sky customers a new email service which launched on 4 April. Google is no longer able to provide Sky with an email platform that caters for our requirements. As another leading provider of email services, we’ve chosen Yahoo! to power the new Sky Yahoo! Mail.

  • What changes will I see with the new service? Show

    The new service has some handy features like a tabbed view, so you can have many emails open at the same time and easily switch between them. Also, with unlimited storage, there's no limit to how many emails you can store.

    If you use webmail (sign in to your email through a web browser), you’ll see that Sky Yahoo! Mail looks a bit different and that some functions have changed. You can find out more about these changes on our help page Introducing Sky Yahoo! Mail

    Here are some of the main changes you'll notice:

    • The unread message counter that currently displays on sky.com won't be available for Sky Yahoo! Mail. You'll need to go into your mailbox to see if you have any unread emails.
    • Your chat history won’t have been copied across.
    • Any filters you may have set up in Sky Email won't have been switched over to Sky Yahoo! Email. You'll need to set up new filters in your new mailbox.
    • If you were sharing any Calendars, you'll need to re-share them. You can only do this with contacts who also have Yahoo! Mail or Sky Yahoo! Mail.
    • Your new mailbox will have created folders for any Labels that you had set up in the old service.

  • Can I access my inbox the same way I do now? Show

    You can still access your mailbox using a web browser, on a mobile device or a desktop email application as you may have done previously, but you might need to change some settings if you want to connect to Sky Yahoo! Mail through a desktop application, e.g. Outlook.

  • How long will my Sky Yahoo! Mail account stay active for? Show

    Your Sky Yahoo! Mail account will stay active for as long as you continue to use it, regardless of the status of any other Sky subscriptions you may have. We may close your Sky Yahoo! Mail account if you don't sign in to it for a continuous period of 180 days. You can find out more about this in the Sky Yahoo! Mail Terms & Conditions.

  • Why may I need to provide more information about myself? Show

    Because the Sky Yahoo! Mail service is operated by Yahoo! and Yahoo! uses different information to set up your account compared to our old provider, we may have requested additional details from you so that we could transfer your current Sky Email account to Sky Yahoo! Mail, or we may request these details when you sign up for a new account.

    The use of your information (including the additional information you provide) will be governed by Yahoo! Privacy Policy and some of it may be used for purposes that include tailored advertising for the Sky Yahoo! Mail service and for other Yahoo! sites that you may visit when you’re logged in to Sky Yahoo! Mail. Sky and Yahoo! take security and privacy very seriously to ensure the protection of you and your data.

    Sky will continue to protect and use your personal information in the way described in Sky’s Privacy and Cookies Notice. Your Sky marketing preferences will also stay the same, whether or not you have chosen to make the move with us to Sky Yahoo! Mail.

    Similar to most other email providers, the Yahoo! platform that powers Sky Email incorporates advertising. Please be assured that we take the protection and any use of customer information very seriously. Any automatic scanning of emails (whether for marketing or spam and malware detection) will be done wholly in line with the strictest privacy standards, and customers will have the option to opt out of scanning for interest based advertising purposes at any time. This can be done easily online.

    If you’d like to find out more about how Yahoo! uses your personal information then visit Yahoo!’s Privacy Centre.

  • What will happen to my emails in the old service if I decide not to move to Sky Yahoo! Mail? Show

    The switchover to Sky Yahoo! Mail is complete for all customers who have accepted the T&Cs before 28 May. If you have not done this, you can still sign up for a Sky Yahoo! Mailbox by accepting the Terms & Conditions, and Yahoo! Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice but we will not be able to copy any of your previous emails across.

  • Does this change affect any of my other Sky services or mean a price increase for me? Show

    No, this change doesn't affect any other Sky services you use and your Sky subscription won’t be affected by this change either. Sky Yahoo! Mail is a free service for all Sky customers. Your Sky iD won’t change and you’ll still be able to access your mailbox on sky.com in the same way.

  • Legal and Privacy information. Show

    To read the Sky Yahoo! Mail service Terms & Conditions and Yahoo!’s Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice, please see our Help & Support article Sky Yahoo! Mail legal and privacy information.

  • Does this mean my email address has changed? Show

    No, your email address hasn't changed and you can continue to sign in with the same username and password.

  • How do you protect me from spam and hoax emails? Show

    To learn how we protect you from receiving unsolicited emails, please see our Help & Support article Spam and hoax emails.

  • Is Sky Yahoo! Mail safe and secure? Show

    Absolutely. We take the protection of our customers’ accounts and personal data very seriously.

    You can continue to use the same username and password that you've always used to access your emails. If you're signing in through sky.com, you’ll still be able to access your mailbox using your Sky iD.

    Sky has been working with Yahoo! to ensure that effective security measures are in place for our customers.

    Yahoo! has a number of safeguards in place to help protect their email service, and we will also provide you with our own account security measures to help keep you safe online when you're using Sky Yahoo! Mail.

    We recommend that you:

    • Change your passwords regularly.
    • Use 'strong' passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers so that they're difficult to guess.
    • Use different passwords for each of the websites you have accounts with.

  • How do I move across from Sky Email to Sky Yahoo! Mail? Show

    For full details about the switchover process, please see our Help & Support article Prevent your Sky Email account from being deleted.

  • I haven't accepted the new Terms & Conditions yet. Show

    The switchover to Sky Yahoo! Mail is complete for all customers who have accepted the T&Cs before 28 May. If you have not done this, you can still sign up for a Sky Yahoo! Mailbox but we will not be able to copy any of your previous emails across. 

  • I've lost access to my inbox. What's the deadline for accepting the new Terms & Conditions? Show

    The switchover to Sky Yahoo! Mail is complete for all customers who have accepted the T&Cs before 28 May. If you have lost access to your mailbox, you can still accept the T&Cs and access your new Sky Yahoo! mailbox, but we will not be able to copy any previous emails across.

  • What if I have more than one Sky Email account? Show

    You'll need to sign in under each email account and accept the new Terms & Conditions and Yahoo! Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice for each.

  • Why have I stopped receiving incoming emails? Show

     If you have found that you have recently stopped receiving incoming emails, this may be due to incorrect settings. Please check the following:

    • Make sure you have accepted the new Sky Yahoo! Mail T&Cs and migrated to the new service. Please note you must do this by 29 May to prevent your mailbox from being deleted.

    • If you are accessing your emails using a mobile phone or email client, ensure that you are not using Google settings. You should check that you are using the correct Sky settings to connect. If you are signing in on a web browser you can do this through Sky.com and by clicking on the Email link.

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